Who can benefit?

Anyone wishing to improve their body through movement can benefit. Pilates can be used for rehabilitation, to improve general body condition or just for fun! All ages and abilities are welcome. The studio is a great environment for the more senior person as you do not need to get on and off the floor and the pace and progression can be slow if that is what is required. Children get the most benefit from attending when they are able to focus and concentrate, maybe from the age of 14. Done regularly you may feel that your stomach is flatter, movements are easier and that you posture has improved- making you feel taller! If you are recovering from injury or illness, a programme can address the areas of concern. You may want to manage conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis and stroke. Some asthma suffers also report an improvement in breathing control. It is also a safe and gentle way in which to exercise following surgery. It is an excellent way in which take care of your back and neck, and other more peripheral joints such as shoulders. Exercises to improve posture and balance are always included. Those wishing to exercise to compliment their sport or pass-time will also find a programme useful. Ladies will also be able to participate in Ante and Post Natal Pilates. It is recommended that you commence Ante Natal lessons after your first scan at around 12 weeks. Post-natal Pilates is recommended after your six to eight week check and your GP is happy for you to participate. At Chiltern Pilates Studio, you can work in conjunction with your doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, with whom I am happy to liaise and from whom I may request a letter.