Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi for Health has been adapted, by Dr Lam and colleagues, to provide gentle and safe programmes of movement.

Various medical studies have shown that Tai Chi improves muscle strength, flexibility, fitness, immunity, quality of life, relieve pain and reduce stress. There is an emphasis on mindful weight transference, which improves balance and reduce the risk of falls; this in turn can improve confidence with movement.

Each programme has a specific focus, but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention

Can be done seated or standing and has emphasis on, but not exclusive for:

· Any type of Arthritis
· Fibromyalgia
· Multiple Sclerosis
· Asthma
· Bronchiectasis
· Stroke
· Diabetes
· Poor balance
· Stress reduction

Classes at Hedsor Social Club:
· New Beginners Class commencing 2pm Wednesday 26/01/2022
· Improvers Class 2pm Thursdays

For further information about Tai Chi for Health, please follow the link: https://taichiforhealthinstitue.org

Please contact Clare for further information and bookings